By Harianto Herdiman

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to Do In Columbus?

So here is the long awaited post. Feliciano Rahadrjo asked me to write an entry about what to do in Columbus because we want to promote Columbus to our fellow in other states. He also suggest me to put my smiley face while I take pictures of the place. Sadly, I could not do that because school has been so busy lately.
Nevertheless, here you go.

1. The Ohio State University.
Well, I am proud to be a buckeye just because this is my university, but seriously you gotta be here because this is one of the best university in the nation. Definitely, you gotta found the 2nd largest university in the USA. What we have here? a grand football stadium where Michigan(s) suck their candies, award winning sports center, Fisher college of business!Jack Nicklaus museum (everybody knows Jack Nicklaus right?) The Oval esp. in Spring and sunny day where life seems so bright because everybody wandering around literally with no shit on. Agricultural Garden where flowers bloom in spring and many more.

2. German Village
A small German community where the people are descendants from German family in Columbus. I always feel some kind of soothing aura when I just take a walk in the village.
They have a terrific sausage restaurant (don't know how to spell that, the Schdimth?) Bookloft bookstore, very nice pistachio, and Thurman burger which appeared in the food channel network and man vs food show.

3. Easton Shopping center
yeah, you name it, we got it; Burberry, Victoria Secret, Bose, Apple, Coach, Forever 21, GAP, Lacoste, New York &Co. Starbucks, Abercrombie, and many more.

3.5 Another famous shopping sites are Ohio is Jeffersonville outlet ( & Polaris mall ( If you want to shop a lot, I recommend go to Jefferson outlet. It takes about 2 hours driving from Columbus, but they have a lot of branded store with low sales tax! Or should I say basically sales tax in Ohio is comparatively small? (6.25%)

You know what? You should go to Cincinati once you go to Jeffersonville. You will have a terrific scenery at night from the top of mt.Adams. You can also travel across 3 states in cincinati (Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio)

4. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
#1 Zoo in the USA with a relatively low entrance fee. $14 for adults, $9 for age 2-9.
I paid for around $40 for San Diego zoo back in California by the way, and I was shocked when they have $9 zoo which offers you better in almost every aspects, but not in the winter :)

If you like science, this is the right place! They have cool stuff which even appropriate for my age. I am 21 by the way, which makes me feel smarter and resourceful than kids/old people.

6. Last But not least, Night Club(s)!!!
If you like beer, dance, liquor, and vibrant night life, I can take you there, but that was just if only. Prerequisite: legal state ID.

So, there are some of tourist attractions in Columbus, OH. Of course, you will meet various people in Columbus. hot girls, warm people, not so many Asians, obese, *ichigan haters, and so on and so forth. You're welcome to visit Columbus!


  1. Yang paling terakhir mesti night clubs ya??

  2. good start!
    how about adding Polaris Mall... Outlet mall..
    also add signature Ohioans food: SKYLINE CHILLY.. west coast people didnt have this

  3. nice pics, Har! good job... :)