By Harianto Herdiman

Sunday, May 8, 2011

No return ticket to Indo This Year, Happy Mother's Day!

Yep, no return ticket to home this year :(
The only reason I want to go back is because of my mom, dad, and lil sis.
I choose to stay in the USA this year instead of going back to Indonesia. Hopefully, it's not a stupid decision although I know my mom misses me very much and vice versa. I can sense it every single time she calls me on the phone. She always asks me once in every call if I return to Indo, or not this year. Sorry mom, I choose to stay this year. I feel very guilty though, but I stay with my decision. How I grateful to have a non-demanding mom about what to do. I kind of forget since when she stopped to give me instructions about what to do. My mom's voice had been recorded since I was young. The voice which woke me up every morning even though we both know that it was holiday(s), just because she wants me not to wake up after 8 AM. She argues that I must wake up early everyday because that's what I will face in the future as a husband who works for his family. Well, I think she already realized that his little boy already became a man at this time, so she gives me liberty and responsibility to bear. I must admit that I was a super naughty boy in my early puberty age. Kind of made my parents worry about my future.
Anyways, happy mother's day mom :)
Don't worry about your boy, for he can take care of himself.