By Harianto Herdiman

Monday, June 13, 2011

Still Here, Not The Same

So many things going on last month. Life was good up until now. All thanks to God, family, and friends.
By the way, congratulations for all those who graduates on Spring 2011.

Well, I was just thinking about all the sh*t(s) that happened in the past and life was not fair for me because of those unfortunate events, considering all good effort that I had made. Cliche example: when I study hard to he hardest, but the outcome was like the professor accused me as a party animal. Oh well, I did my best (in my standard), so I have no regret. And oh yeah, good things happened as well up until now. I have my fit day which is on Tuesday! Tuesday is my hit the gym time. Crap, I just realize that I have to check my summer class schedule to make sure I have a slot for my fit day.

jump to another random thought...

Have you ever been jealous because of somebody take some kind of reward, or place that you carve for and you had your effort to obtain it? In my case, yes! Sorry guys, but I'm short of example to make that statement reflective.
But here is the revelation:
Who says life suppose to be fair? Because I think life is not suppose to be fair. Sometimes bad things happen and that's not fair, and good things happen and that's not fair as well. You just have to see the "not fair" factor in different lens. It might be fair for you, but it just might be not fair for other people.

Here is my all time favorite quote: "You will never taste sweet to the fullest if you never taste bitterness" (I kind of forget who told me this)
Judging the old me, he did very well, but I choose to process myself to be a better person, and you should too!
Yeah, things happen for a reason. I ask for strength and He gives me difficulties to overcome.