By Harianto Herdiman

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Music: A set of tone that can bring you into certain mood
Apparel: Things that cover parts of your body, sometimes make you look better.
Diamond: Women's best friend, men's necessary expense that withdrawn their savings.
Ring: 1) Symbol of marriage. 2) Unity. 3) Never ending. 4) Fancy circle
Apple: 1) A commonly red/green round crisp eaten fruit. 2) Designed in California, made in China.
Android: 1) Robot. 2) Apple competitor. (see Apple #2)
Blackberry: Not even a family member of plant kingdom.
Twitter: your limit is 140 characters.
Facebook: Social network.
Family: A union where you don't have anything to cover and you care the most.
Water: The most essential element in order to sustain life.
Heaven: A glorious and joyous place that exists. (Good individual goes here)
Hell: co-exists with heaven, but has contradict sensation. (Bad individual goes here)
Accident: Shit happens.
Democracy: Arch enemy of communism.
Competition: Survival of the fittest.
Iron Man: Fictional character with super duper ultra mega mighty armor suit.
Fat: Lipid. You don't want have it too much in your body.
Study: Activities which educational institution force you to do. Usually associated with reading, writing, calculating fictional problems. 20-21 century mankind's worst enemy.
Learning: Process of life enrichment.
Organic: More green money out from your pocket.
Alcohol: kill germs!
Drunk: psychological situation when you can hardly (can't) control your physical body.
Miracle: An unexpectedly extremely good event that could happen if you believe.
Money: A good servant, bad master.
Tears: Drops of water from your eyes. Could be a manifestation of tremendous feeling whether its good, or bad.
Truth: Fact that could be good/bad. depends on the situation.
Love: 1)Can't put it into words, projected in actions. 2)Some people mistakenly consider it as lust.

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