By Harianto Herdiman

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear My Lovely Pet

Let me introduce you to my lovely pet.

I saved her form "abang abang" glodok who didn't take a good care of her. I brought Tarou in exchange for Rp 35,000
Oh, I called her "Tarou" (Japanese name?)

The bad news is: She had passed away before I posted her lovely pitcure on my blog.

The ugly truth: She lived with me only for 3 days.....don't ask me why!!!

I believe I took a good care of her. I provided her with blanket, water, and "kangkung".
My embak said maybe she was already in a bad condition from glodok.

I still feel guilty for her.

Anyway, rest in peace Tarou.
I do believe you still with us because I put you in front of my house under the "pinkish" flower tree.

You will be always in my heart <3
with love,
Your master


  1. Buset - jadi matinya kapan tuh tepatnya sang kelinci?

  2. kagak inget si Tarou matinya kapan. padahal gw sempet cari dokter hewan malem malem, tp si dokter hewan deket rmh udah tutup.